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Shadow Boxes in San Antonio, TX

MILITARY HONORS, located in San Antonio, Texas, can build your custom shadow box to preserve your legacy for generations. We go to great lengths to ensure authenticity and accuracy. Cherish your veteran's service to our country for years to come with these elegantly styled shadow boxes and flag boxes.

Shadow Boxes

Every detail is carefully handcrafted and displayed with pride. All medals are re-draped on a new ribbon and identified with an engraved plate under each. Patches, pins, medals, insignia, even a framed picture can be included, and each in its own unique style. You may provide your own medals and insignia or we can provide everything. Either way, we will work with you to ensure your display is perfect. Call for prices and to discuss how to get started. 

Flag Boxes

These beautiful flag boxes are handmade from a variety of hardwoods. They can be custom designed with a pedestal for freestanding on a desk or mantle, or without a pedestal for wall hanging. Regardless of the style, each box can include an engraved plate to remember your veteran. We can also fold and prepare your flag to ensure the best possible presentation:
• 5 x 8 Burial Flag Box w/Pedestal - $160.00
• 3 x 5 Ceremonial Flag Box w/Pedestal - $125.00
• 5 x 8 Burial Flag Box w/o Pedestal - $140.00
• 3 x 5 Ceremonial Flag Box w/o Pedestal - $115.00
• Engraved Plate for Non-Pedestal Boxes - $5.00
• Engraved Plate for Pedestal Boxes - $10.00
• Engraving - $0.15 per Letter
• 3' x 5' American Flag (Nylon) - $43.50
• 3' x 5' American Flag (Cotton) - $44.95
• Fold and Prepare Flag - $15.00

Contact us for additional information regarding our shadow boxes, flag boxes, and extras.